Workshop Overview

Our expansive SelfCare After Series uniquely infuses social justice with wellness as a method to identify the institutional changes necessary to cultivate a healthier culture. 

Each workshop infuses yoga inspired movement and breathing exercises for the physical element of wellness.  Our foundation is emotional justice (from the work of Esther Armah) and we encourage you to join us as we shift a culture and thus change the world.

General Workshop Objectives and Benefits

  1. language to identify triggers and injustices that impedes emotional and mental safety.  
  2. breathing techniques to regulate the body's natural response to stress.
  3. introduce selfcare as an act of resistance against toxic beliefs and practices
  4. co-create personal and community values and commitments using emotional justice. 

Click poster to download the workshop overview: Option for wine and full meal services for adult age groups

Click poster to download the workshop overview:

Option for wine and full meal services for adult age groups

Raven Cras

Program coordinator, Community organizer, facilitator, poet, published writer, social entrepreneur and Spelman College Graduate with BA in English, Film/Media Literacy and French.

Most Popular Workshops are:

<--- SelfCare After a Fuhk Boi: Viewing the casual mistreatment of women as a public health issue.

Love Black Girls on Purpose: Ending the stigma of Black girlhood. --->

Additional Workshops

  1. Emotional Intelligence with the Home Boys

  2. Power, privilege and identity: Cultural Competency in the Classroom

  3. Not so Micro Aggressions: emotional safety at work

Credentials and Experience

Ain has several years of a diverse facilitation portfolio with audience tailored curriculums.

 Ain served as the Program Coordinator and lead facilitator running the feminist and anti-racist self-defense peer educator program in 3 locations. She also lead sex-trafficking prevention models amongst middle school girls through The Center for Anti Violence Education. Ain is also contracted by the YWCA as an after school instructor.  More information can be found in the About page

Click poster to download the workshop overview.

Click poster to download the workshop overview.

SelfCare After Facilitators

Our facilitators are young passionate and relatable adults who have a rich back ground in community organizing, social work, and psychology.  All of our instructors are former teachers who work with us because of our continued success with improving the social and emotional lives of our young people and community at large.
We use memes, gifs, and other current media formats to introduce and communicate complex topics to our audiences.

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look forward to building with you.

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