SelfCare Tip: Deep Breathing

Your brain does not know the difference between physical or emotional pain (wild, huh).  Mindful deep breathing techniques allows the brain to regulate your body’s natural chemical response to stress and emotions.

Each emotion has a natural breathing pattern that accompanies it.

Anger (micro-aggressions can cause this)-Long hard breaths

Panic (seeing an nypd officer)- Fast, short, shallow breaths

Calmness - Slow steady breaths

Happiness - Long inhalations, long exhalations

Start this practice with a Body Scan.

Body scanning makes you aware of internal tension.

Close your eyes and breath in through your nose and out of your mouth. As you breathe focus on every part of the body from your head to your toes scanning the body for any tension.  If you find an area that is sore breathe in deeply into that spot and release with an open mouth exhale.