All The Feelings

Feelings Wheel for blog.png

This is an example of the feelings wheel, developed by Dr. Gloria Willcox, it is one of my favorite teaching tools. We use a more in-depth wheel in our workshops.

Our workshops contextualize our sources of stress in the social norms of our culture. Our activities allows for practical usage of the feelings wheel as it helps participants to both connect with their emotions and better self identify the spectrum of feelings any given experience, interaction, location, or circumstance stirs up.

A fuller emotional vocabulary has several personal and social benefits. The first being personal clarity, such as what feelings are driving ones decision making. Another is the ability to communicate consciously. Heightened awareness of our emotions allows us access to a more honest and precise assessment of what we wish to convey. Expansion also leads to completion. Participants are reacquainted with multi-dimensional words to better express their abundant feelz that happy, sad, mad or glad, does not satisfy.

Join us for our traveling workshops and experience the feelings wheel with more depth and direction.

Raven C.