SelfCare After a Fuhk Boi Kit

SelfCare After a Fuhk Boi Kit


Good things happen when you invest in your healing.

You have the power to heal yourself; all you need is some validation and resources.

Cleanse the remnants of a fuhk boi by ordering this Selfcare Kit, giving you a jumpstart on your healing process after a situation/relationship/marriage/or general encounter with a fuhk boi.  It includes a culturally diverse set of healing tools that are proven to promote wellness.

  • Rose water paired with essential oils
  • Ear Seeds for DIY acupuncture (no needles) 
  • Tea Candle for intention setting
  • Intention setting cards
  • A Pencil
  • Herbal nerve calming tea
  • Deep breathing exercises to regulate bodies natural response to stress

 In a world of bold cultural appropriation, I thought it would be cool and fair to give exposure and credit to holistic healing practices from cultures across the world. Perfect as a thoughtful gift and a perfect example of investing in ones healing. 

-Raven Cras


Our selfcare kits include: rose water (w/ tailored essential oils), acupuncture ear beads, breathing techniques, intention setting cards, an intention setting candle and more.