The SelfCare After Series

We are a multi-themed, research based, social justice infused wellness project that examines how larger systems of oppression show up in our interpersonal relationships and explore ways to shift our beliefs, attitudes and actions to co-create a healthier culture rooted in emotional justice. 


We all need healing

SelfCare After Series

Uniquely infuses social justice with wellness using a Social Emotional Learning (SEL) framework.  The purposes of our interactive workshops are for you to walk away with skills and language to identify triggers and injustices that impedes emotional and mental safety. Each workshop infuses yoga movement and breathing exercises for the physical element of wellness.  Our foundation is emotional justice and we encourage you to join us as we shift a culture and thus change the world.

Restoring depth to wellness

SelfCare After Blogs Vlogs:

Raven Cras is a creative writer with a journalist background writing with several intentions:

1. Use a social justice infused wellness lens to discuss and relay self nourishing safeguards from daily, social, cultural and personal stressors.

2. Produce content that shifts our beliefs, attitudes and actions to co-create a healthier culture rooted in emotional justice.  

3. Ground the Black American ethnic group in its appropriate cultural context and formally set boundaries as a safe guards against cultural infringement and invite other stigmatized ethnic groups to take back the narrative of their peoples' heritage, contributions and legacy. 

SelfCare After an Eff Boi

fuhk boi: a gender inclusive term of someone who is not at all invested in treating you with the dignity and respect afforded humans, but still expect to get laid. AriDy Nox

Views the casual mistreatment of women as a public health issue, measuring the emotional, physical and mental impact of unhealthy relationships. This is our most popular workshop for teens to adult women and femmes. Read more and book this workshop for your class, community or friends.

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Healing in a box

SelfCare Kit : Good things happen when you invest in your healing.

Providing people with a diverse set of healing tools to better cope with daily and circumstantial stressors.


Our founder Raven Cras created The SelfCare After Series as a means to empower people with language, resources and communal healing tips and practices to collectively shift the ways we engage with one another to include emotional justice.