Where women and femmes come to heal.

"When they don't understand how you process your pain | They call you crazy| Dismiss you as insane"- SCAFB

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Emotional Justice

The SelfCare After Series presents Self Care After a Fuhk Boi : a book of prose, poems and selfcare tips. It doubles as a project/subscription box business that views the casual mistreatment of women and femmes as a public health issue, while using selfcare tips and the power of naming ones experience as a guide to collective healing and a radical shift to include emotional justice in our culture. Emotional justice is the creation and work of Esther Armah; she has been doing this work for almost 10 years in connection with Black liberation, and we build off of her work. 

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Mission: To collectively examine how systems of oppression show up in our interpersonal relationships and explore ways to shift our hearts, minds and actions to co-create a healthier culture rooted in emotional justice.